Our Story

Swachhpro was founded in March 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky, with the mission of addressing innovative approaches to sanitary and hygiene products, while making a positive footprint on the environment. The brand name comes from the word Swachh which means, “clean” in Hindi. The company currently distributes a variety of personal hygiene mechanical add-on bidets.
When the company’s founder, Viju Mathew, first came to the United States from India over 10 years ago, he was very unfamiliar with the use of toilet paper because, in India, the use of bidet faucets are the common means of post toileting. Although he quickly became accustomed to the use of toilet paper, he missed the clean and fresh feeling water provides.
He encountered his first American bidet while vacationing in Hawaii, sparking the idea to install a bidet in his own home. However, he soon learned his house was not equipped with the necessary plumbing to install a separate European style bidet faucet. Researching alternatives led him to a mechanical add-on bidet attachment that was simple to install and more sanitary than what he was accustomed to in India. The Swachhpro 200 is a welcomed alternative to toilet paper, traditional bidets, or hand faucets. This easily installable bidet is the solution to effective, easy hygienic cleansing.

Today the company has expanded its market to Asia with the establishment of the foreign subsidiary firm Swachhpro Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Both the American and Asian companies have the primary focus of providing quality, affordable products for customers that guarantee them both satisfaction and customer support.

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