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Swachhpro is leaving no stone unturned in creating solutions to growing global needs. X-Clean 200, a mechanical bidet attachment, is a part of Swachhpro’s commitment to your personal hygiene in a sustainable world.

Are You
Practicing Hygiene Toilet Habits?

Hygiene is one thing that can’t be overlooked, especially personal hygiene. If ignored, it could cause serious medical problems.
Check whether your toilet habits might be contributing to your health issues. The bacteria on the toilet bowl and incorrect use of toilet paper could be contributing to infections and other health-related problems. With a regular use of X-Clean 200, a mechanical bidet attachment, you will feel:

  • Cleaner
  • Fresher
  • More Confident
bidet attachment

Is the Use of Toilet Paper Effective?

If your hands were muddy, you would choose to clean them with water rather than a paper product. Water cleans more thoroughly than smearing with toilet paper.

bidet attachment

How Is A Bidet More
Sustainable Than Toilet Papers?

An average person uses 50 pounds of toilet paper every year which equates to around 410 rolls per year. A family of two can go over through a whole tree worth of toilet paper in 365 days.

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Don't Believe The Word Flushable Wipes

Clogged sewers caused by disposable wipes are a global problem

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Let the X-Clean 200 Bidet will eliminate the need for Toilet Paper & Wipes!

Are you questioning what is a bidet and how can it outperform toilet paper? The X-Clean 200 is mechanical bidet  attachment, wherein, with using a small handle, a jet of water does the job of cleaning the bum.

Reasons why the X-Clean 200 bidet is the best solution:

  • Prevents the growth of anal bacteria, assuring maximum cleanliness.
  • Water helps hemorrhoid sufferers from abrasion and unwanted friction associated with toilet paper use.
  • Water ensures complete menstrual hygiene
  • Relieves post-birth pain for new mothers

So, say good bye to toilet paper and choose the clean, refreshing, healthy, and Eco-friendly X-Clean 200 bidet!

bidet attachment

So waste no more time…

Experience the X-Clean-200, a mechanical bidet sprayer from Swachhpro. This non-electrical bidet can be easily fixed to your existing toilet bowl.

Factors that make X-Clean200 - The Best


Custom Comfort


Easy to install






Feminine Care


Self Cleaning


Exceptional & Durable Design


Reliable & Affordable

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